Our Mission

Wild Beautiful Free is on a mission to improve the lives of endangered species, humans, and the earth.

We create and source premium lifestyle products which directly support animal conservation efforts. Our line of organic, vegan, eco-friendly candles helps drive awareness and revenue to endangered species.

The three critically endangered species we're focusing on include orphaned/exploited elephants, lions, and gorillas. With populations staggering, poaching and hunting on the rise, human exploitation, and environmental impacts to their habitat; these animals need us now more than ever!

Our candles were created with health in mind. Each of our candles is designed with the highest quality essential oil blends to enhance and support emotional health. The "Hope" candle is designed to uplift and inspire. The "Peace" candle supports balance and tranquility. And the "Dream" candle is ideal for relaxation and a restful sleep.

If you believe in a kinder, brighter future for all beings on earth, we hope you'll join our tribe of animal lovers! Together we can help keep these creatures wild, beautiful, and free from extinction.