Our Mission

Wild Beautiful Free is on a mission to improve the lives of both humans and animals.

We create and source premium lifestyle products that directly support environmental preservation and conservation efforts. Our line of organic, vegan, eco-friendly candles helps raise awareness of endangered species and habitat destruction. Every purchase helps in part to fund animal and habitat protection efforts, ensuring the prosperity of humans and animals alike.

Wild Beautiful Free focuses primarily on three critically endangered species: elephants, lions, and gorillas. With deforestation an ever-looming threat, poaching on the rise, and prevailing environmental destruction, endangered populations are dwindling–these animals need our help now more than ever!

Our products are designed not only to benefit endangered animals, but also to promote holistic wellness in their human counterparts. Each of our candles is designed with the highest quality essential oil blends to enhance and support emotional health.

The Hope candle, infused with Citrus and Floral oils, uplifts and inspires; the Peace candle, with ingredients like Wild Berry, Rose, and Spice fosters tranquility and balance; the soothing aroma of Lavender and Vanilla in the Dream candle is ideal for relaxation and a restful sleep.

If you believe in a kinder, brighter future for both humans and animals, we hope you will consider joining our conservation initiative! Together, we can help keep our world and the creatures that inhabit it Wild, Beautiful, and Free.