Give Peace to Western Lowland Gorillas

Give Peace to Western Lowland Gorillas

This baby is an endangered Western Lowland Gorilla. 

Newborns are small, weighing just 4 to 5 pounds on average. Infants ride on their mothers' backs for up to 3 years of their lives.

Young Western Lowland Gorillas spend most of their day climbing trees, playing, and chasing one another. They often remind human observers of children.

Unfortunately, these beauties are under siege. Hunting, habitat destruction, and disease have reduced populations to alarmingly low levels. We’ve lost more than 60% of their population over the last 20 years. 

Even if all of the threats to Western Lowland Gorillas were removed, scientists tell us the population would require 75+ years to recover!

Wild Beautiful Free is on a mission to bring awareness and support to these critically endangered gorillas. Our Gorilla inspired “Peace” candle was created to save gorillas like this one.

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